Wine Masters Chalenge-XXI World Wine Contest  2019
Estoril - Portugal 28. 29. 30. 31 March
Top Wine Producer of the Year
Position Company Points Country
Casa Santos Lima S.A / Soc. Agrícola Quinta do Conde. SA / Casa de Vila Verde - Sociedade Agrícola Lda / Soc. Agrícola Quinta de Porrais, Lda 206 Portugal
Gran Cruz Porto 35 Portugal
Società Agricola Siddùra Srl 35 Italy
Carmin-Cooperativa Agricola de Reguengos Monsaraz CRL 25 Portugal
Casa Ermelinda Freitas Vinhos Lda 24 Portugal
Quinta dos Termos 20 Portugal
Wakefield -Taylors Wines 20 Australia
Garantia das Quintas Sociedade Agricola e Comercial Lda 16 Portugal
Adega Cooperativa de Ponte de Lima  14 Portugal
10º Bodegas Noroeste La Palma 14 Spain
11º Quinta do Monte Travesso 11 Portugal
12º Monte da Comenda Agroturismo, Lda 10 Portugal
13º Adega Cooperativa do Fundão 9 Portugal
14º Quinta das Arcas Sociedade Agrícola Lda 9 Portugal
15º Casa Agrícola Solar dos Loendros Lda 8 Portugal
16º Weingut Wolfgang Oberhofer 6 Germany
17º Vino Nitra Spols S.R.O. 5 Slovakia
18º Adega Cooperativa de Carvoeira CRL 3 Portugal
19º Única - Adega Cooperativa do Algarve 3 Portugal
Centre for Coordination and evaluation of data Group Menu Magazine 101/2019
4.255 wines registered - 2.981 wines scored for de final - 111  medals
The percentage rate was of awarded wines in the competition was 3.72%
This competion over twenty one years old has been advised by prestige technicals parameters are very strict which makes this the most credible event at the international level
The first international competition to be supervised by the Wine and Spirits World Observatory  - WSWO    1.35EU/2016
Wine competition registered with the number  INPI - 518318/2013
  42 Gold  Medals           
  69 Silver Medals