We were very determined to hold the XXII Edition of the World Wine Contest "Wine Masters Challenge", which has been taking place since 1999 uninterruptedly and always with the same designation since its beginning, which makes this competition the oldest in Portugal.

Our organization comes to thank all the collaborators in the realization of this event, particularly laborious for the conditions demanded this year, with exceptional measures of strict safety and hygiene due to the situation that Portugal is going through.

It was well known that most of the usual wine companies participating in the Wine Masters Challenge saw their budgets drastically reduced and even the closure of their activity.

In some countries represented, there was participation with low quality wines due to technical and climatic training. In this way we call the attention of the heads of companies, wineries and representatives of wine producers, a more demanding selection and qualification of professionals, competing internationally in the market as competitive as the wine industry.

We wish all Wine Producers, Institutions, and other people around the world of Wine a lot of health, hope for those who are sick, and our heartfelt bow to family members of all victims.