We would like to thank all participants of the Wine Masters Challenge 2015 – XVII World Wine Contest, to the companies and independent producers from all continents, but, as it is tradition, only the exceptional wines were able to reach the final stage of the contest and subsequently the most desired awards.

Wine Masters Magazine will Sponsor the next editions of the Wine Masters Challenge - XVIII World Wine Contest 2016, to celebrate this sponsorship, we are pleased to offer the first 100 companies who sign up a free registration up to a maximum of 2 wines for each company.

Make sure the name of your company is referred in this promotion:

You should check the rules of the competition regarding the required number of bottles, analysis report, your shipment and payment of customs duties and shipping.

In case you detect, or suspect of, any wine bearing our official award stamp that fails to stand up to the level or shows any alterations compared to the original, please notify us. Help us fight counterfeit products