This year the Wine Masters Challenge - 20th World Wine Contest, celebrates its twenty years of existence, the only Portuguese wine contest with an international seal, certified by the World Wine and Spirits Observatory. To commemorate this date a new commemorative medal will be issued for placing on the bottles.

Throughout this twenty years of existence of the Wine Masters Challenge, named since the first edition (1999), always had the same transparency that we have become accustomed and want to keep. Without financial support from public or private sector organizations, which give more prominence to competitions abroad than to what is done in Portugal, but note well that we are contributors who maintain these organizations.

To all those who have participated as members of the jury over these years with dedication, skill and professionalism, our thanks to you and a very special and special thanks to the families and all those who are no longer with us. A strong embrace of friendship to all the old and present collaborators of the Group Menu Magazine.

We must also not forget our special thanks to the foreign producers who have honored us with their presence, knowing the departure from the poor commercial return of their products, as it is well known that Portugal is self-sustaining in the wine sector. To participate in a competition that has gained an untouchable reputation over the years in its structure: Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, and Switzerland, among others.

We want to continue to deserve your confidence, so we invite you to sign up for the next edition of the 20th Wine Masters Challenge 2018